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I really like the concept, especially since I got one of those large fluffy enter buttons and I can play this by mashing the button, which is pretty fun.

However, there are so many bugs its hardly playable. On my first run, the dungeon was generated in such a way that there right at the beginning there were two chests blocking the only two paths and no keys to find anywhere.

When I restarted the game I had more luck with generator, however at some random point on level 2 (after opening a door) I was unable to interact with anything, enemies, items, even the exit from the dungeon, I would just pass through everything without activating events...

If you have the time, please fix the game a bit, I really liked it. I'm assuming the plethora of bugs is most of the reason this isn't more popular (judging by the empty comments section).

Hey, thanks for playing our game and taking time to leave a comment! We're glad you enjoyed it despite the bugs.

The game was made in under a week for the One Button Jam 2016 so we didn't have enough time to debug and polish it. That's also the reason why there is not much content. Sorry about that.

Since we didn't really know how to expand the game, we stopped working on it. Delca and I went our separate ways, so I'm afraid there won't be a fixed or extended version anytime soon.