We recommend playing the game with a keyboard or XBox 360 controller. Other devices have not been tested. The game does not require a mouse.

  • Arrow keys or left analog stick : Move
  • or Enter or A button : Interact / Attack / Validate
  • C or Escape or B button : Cancel / Open pause menu

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About the game

Blade of Victory is a 2D story-driven turn-based RPG featuring pixel art. The game is mostly inspired by JRPGs such as Breath of Fire IV and Etrian Odyssey (for their gameplay) as well as Final Fantasy Tactics (for its world and story). The game will take place in a original medieval fantasy world, with all the sword and sorcery it implies (no orcs/elves/dwarves though). The plot will focus on themes such as duty, power, politics and betrayal, and we hope to make it one of the strong points of the game.

Disclaimer: The game is a work in progress; many features are missing or unpolished and most assets are not final. Your feedback is welcome: tell us what you liked or disliked and what you would like to see added, improved or removed from the game. 

Have fun!

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BoV-Windows-3.0(x64).zip 54 MB
BoV-Windows-3.0(x86).zip 51 MB


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How do you save the game?

Unfortunately, saving is not possible at the moment.  Sorry about that :(
It should be available in the next build though!